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Game of Thrones Graphics

I've been reading these books in anticipation of the series premiere on Starz this coming weekend. I've finished the second book in the series, Clash of Kings, and poised to begin the third tonight. I have been thoroughly sucked into this world. The two wallpapers are of Sean Bean who plays Lord Eddard Stark in the series. He's perfectly cast....the character is like a mix of Faramir and Boromir *ggg* Stark is very stoic and just. He does what needs to be done and is loyal to a fault to the jerk of a king. The books follow his children and the lords and kings of the Seven Houses.

I made a few icons to go with the wallpapers:
1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.

I cannot wait to watch this on Sunday night! The behind the scenes and promo trailers I've seen all look amazing.

For those of you following my medical trials and tribulations: I am feeling better today and for the first day in a month, no nausea! My physician made a few adjustments this morning to help with that. So here's hoping that my body has finally accepted the new medication.

I am neck deep in work right now and will have a weekend away from the computer, so I will likely not be around much at all for a while. But I will try to check in as much as possible. 

Love to my flist! ♥
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