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cat_o_wen's Journal


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Life is too short...

"I am addicted to Adobe Photoshop and in this journal you will primarily find postings of my creations in my public entries. My personal rants are kept to 'Friends Only' to spare the innocent. I'm a forty-something who decided to go back to college and earn a degree in Design. (what was I thinking waiting this long? *laughs*) My major fandoms are The Musketeers, King Arthur, Merlin, A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), Legend of the Seeker (The Sword of Truth), Lord of the Rings, Revolution, Sleepy Hollow, historical fiction - Arthurian Legends, Downton Abbey, Sherlock Holmes, Falling Skies, Hawaii Five-0, Once Upon A Time, and a few handsome actors. I am also a photographer and part-time writer, so you might see a bit of that here as well. I appreciate and crave feedback and sometimes accept requests. If you want to use any of my work, please do not hotlink. Save the icons/wallpapers to your own server. Credit is also very nice. :-)"

If you are interested in my commercial work as a graphic designer (I design book covers and book trailers), you can find my creations in several places:

My main website: Avalon Graphics

My professional Twitter account: Avalon_Graphics

My Facebook Fan Page for Avalon Graphics: AvalonGraphics

If you are interested in my  occasional fan graphics, you may find them in these public social sites:

My tumblr account: cathelms

My Pinterest boards: cathelms

My old personal website: Cathy's Page

I also share random fan stuffs in my personal Twitter account: cathelms

My Websites...

Cathy's Page | Avalon Graphics | Clive Owen Daily | Elessars Realm | Fields of Innocence

Credits and such...

Brushes, Gradients ,Textures, Images and Screen caps:

nolicons colorfilter chouchoune trash_graphics Braggadocio.org candycrack _joni padabee dobv darkangel_alone blimey_icons lipsofpoison colortone vodkaandirony liars_dance onebigshrug 100x100_brushes rough_draft___ gflady2 unfinishedcoke hires_hunks Celebrity HQ Paradise netnessie brylyn1979 kerrsmith2306 asco_310 99mockingbirds and several other daily journals and my own screen-capping here and there.

Merlin screencaps gathered from merlin_tv, merlinbbc and burgundy_shoes

The Musketeers caps by sayuri_x at grande_caps and fandom_forever

Please credit me if you take any of my icons by placing cat_o_wen in your icon 'Comments' line. And never hotlink anything. Layout coding done by layout_lounge graphics done by me and 'Bio' coding/graphics by me.

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